Willis A Carto’s Personal Library Books for Sale     

#83  Library of Universal History , embracing a general survey of the progress of Mankind in national and social life,  science and art  in 8 vol.. Arranged by Israel Smith Clare, published by R.S. Peale and J.A. Hill, New York  with maps and portraits , in l898. Very good conditions, over-sized books. Set of 8 volumes $130

#84  Great Adventures and Explorations, from earliest times to the present as told by the explorers themselves.  Edited by Vilhjalmur Stefansson, with map drawings. An interesting perspective of human history , very readable and written with a lot of imagination. Published in l952 by Dial Press, NY. Hardcover 788 pages with dust jacket, very good condition. $20.

#86  Arminius: The Liberator He was indisputable the Liberator of Germany: Tacitus AD-55-120. Written and illustrated by Ernst A Schomer, English Edition published by  Ingrid Zuendel. Oversized, heavy paperback, 328 pages, limited edition, published 2009. Like new, $80

#87 The House of Special Purposes, by Charles Sydney Gibbes. First time publication of these documents and photographs by George Gibbes. He is the adopted son of the tutor to the Tsarevich, Charles  Gibbes who died in l963. He left all of these documents his son. They were compiled in  l975 by J.C.Trewin who sent the book to Willis Carto at Liberty Lobby. Note from WAC  is attached. With dozens of photos of the Royal Family in captivity.  148 pages, hardcover, published by Stein and Day, New York  l975 , good condition. $35.

#88 Crossroads of Death, The Story of the Malmedy Massacre and Trial, by James J Weingartner. The trial of SS  Lt.Col.Jochen Peiper is one of the tragic outcomes of  WW2. Seventy German Soldiers were tried and most were sentence to hang. None of the death sentences  was carried out. All the German Prisoners were later set free. The trial was before a US military court in 1946. The charge was War Crimes and speculation later were made that the SS soldiers were under duress when charged. Peiper was sentenced to 10 years in prison  and served his time.  Later  he moved to France and in 1976 was killed when his house was firebombed after a communist newspaper published a story about him.  271 pages, hardcover, like new. Published by the California University Press in 1979. $65

#89 Final Judgment, The missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, by Michael Collins Piper. This well-known book needs no introduction. It includes a kind note to the Cartos for suggesting the title for the book. 760 pages, ppbk, updated 6th edition , like new $120.

#90  Hermann Goering and the Third Reich, A biography based on the family and official records, by Charles Bewley, printed by the Devin-Adair Company, 1962. hardcover, very good condition with dust jacket, almost perfect. 515 pages $40.

#91 Late Saxon and Viking Art by T D Kendrick printed in l949 in Great Britain , more than 180 pages with many photos and illustrations , hardcover with dust jacket $25

#92  The Liberation of Italy by Luigi Villari, an important study of the aftermath of WW2. A lecturer on Italian politics he was active at the Williamstown Institute of Politics in Virginia and many other international locations. The author takes a very strong anti-Communist position. It is dedicated to “The Victims of the Liberation”. 265 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, good condition. $25.

#93  Spengler’s letters 1913 – 1936, Oswald  Spengler, selected for this English translation by his sister and her daughter it is drifting into “anti” Nationalism although Spengler was a strong German Nationalist. Very interesting reading , he hated even to write letters. Published by George Allen & Unwin in London in 1966, 320 pages hardcover with dust jacket, very good condition $70.

#94  The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Peoples of Eastern Central Asia, edited by Victor H Mair. A very scholarly written presentation it has been used for international textbook  studies. Subtitled, Genetics and Physical Anthropology , Geography , History etc. many international scholars have contributed lectures on various subjects.  A treasure trove for serious studies and movements of many races . Published by the Institute for the Study of Man in Washington DC in l998, it offers an education in History and Anthropology. 2 volumes,  a total  of 900 pages. Hardcover , excellent condition, like new.$350.

One German Language Book, rare:

#95  Deutschland Erwacht, Large book covering 14 years of fighting to establish  Hitler’s movement and party (NSDAP) successfully..  Hitler’s words from an address delivered  November 10,1933 follows: “My name is my Title which I  forged out of my own strength”. The book contains hundreds of photos, black and colored, of  daily activities of the movement from all over Germany.  It includes large rallies or simple pictures of young people giving support to Hitler. The hundred of photos included were chosen and arranged  by his personal photographer, Heinrich Hoffman . The original panorama photo fold- out of a rally in 1933 at Luitpold, is still attached. Book  size is 9.5 by 12 inches  151 pages, hard cover , very good solid condition,. $300.

#96 Coin on Money , Trusts and Imperialism, by W H Harvey, author of Coins Financial Series,  vol 6 #26, March l, 1900.   Published by Coin Publishing Co.,   Series started in 1899. paperback, loose front cover but book is solid otherwise. Very rare. 185 pages $65

#97 Jane Eyre by  Charlotte Bronte, Currer Bell,  2nd US edition published be the Book League of America, N Y 1847, hardcover, excellent condition $125 .

#98 Nuremberg, the Last Battle by David Irving, hardcover new with dust jacket $28.00

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