Willis A Carto’s Personal Library Books for Sale     

 #1 The Plot against Christianity by Elizabeth Dilling printed by the Elizabeth Dilling Foundation, Lincoln, Ne, l964 edition, 3rd printing, hardcover, oversized 8.5×11#, 299 pages, excellent condition, very rare, inscribed by Willis Carto.  Price $300.

#2 The Jewish Religion and its Influence today by Elizabeth Dilling printed by The Noontide Press in 1983. Same book as the The Plot against the Church but the title was changed. Oversized 8.5×11#, 261 pages, hardcover.  Gold lettering on front cover. Excellent condition. Price $200.

#3 Memoirs of Gov. Wm. H. Murray , The True  History of Oklahoma. Time Magazine wrote in 1931 that “ William Henry Murray leaves no man neutral. To his friends  he is a second Andrew Jackson sent to lead the plain people out of economic bondage”. A deep study of Indian affairs is included  as well as a lot of material of Oklahoma’s turbulent political history. He, nick-named “Alfalfa Bill”, was the president of the State Constitutional Convention, a member of Congress and governor. He covers the slavery issue and the civil war as well. Today he might resemble a Libertarian of a certain mindset. The three volumes, published in l945, have about 1700 pages including some photos. They are a great treasure trove of Americana. All three are in very good condition. Rare. Hardcover with the original dust jackets.  $150 three volumes

#4  The Pentagon Papers, NY Times edition, 1971. 800 pages hardcover. A piece of history. Cover is a little worn but looks good, the pages all are in excellent condition. $40

#5  Rush to Judgment by Mark Lane, printed in 1992, this bestseller since 1966 and now out of print, reveals what the press and the Warren Commission did not reveal about the Kennedy assassination. Mark Lane was a great attorney and a good friend of Willis Carto.  Paperback, oversized , 478  pages. Like new. $60.

#6 The Confessions of Kurt Gerstein by Henri Roques. An expose shattering the myth that Pope Pius XX’s12 was complaisant in the Holocaust. The “confessions” of Gerstein are subjected to thorough critical review, the author provides transcripts of the tortured testimony of Gerstein. The postwar “experts” had been manipulated and falsifying his testimony to make the Catholic Church compliant in the holocaust. Out of print. Oversize paperback, very good condition, 315 pages. $35.

#7 Hitler’s Airwaves by Bergmeier and Lotz, subtitled “The Story of Nazi Radio Broadcasting and Propaganda Swing”  Yale University Press edition 1997. A good accounting of the range of German radio coverage, musical as well as propaganda weapon.   The Expatriates who helped Germany were mostly British like Lord Haw Haw (Wm. Joyce,) John Amery, Norman B. Steward and are given short biographies.  A CD comes included with the book, playing  the kind of music and singers who were involved. Hardcover 368 pages and one CD, all excellent condition with original dust jacket.  Rare with the original CD.  $95

#8 The Palestine Diary 1914-1945-Britain’s Involvement –by Robert John and Sami Hadawi,

Vol.#1 421 pages: The Palestine Diary l945-1948 United States, United Nations Intervention, Vol. #2   423 pages: Foreword by Arnold J Toynbee.  The two volumes cover the history of the establishment of the state of Israel, the secret deals made the German Government and the Jewish Agency.  The truth about the British Government promising an independent homeland for the Palestinians.  How votes were swung in the UN . Adolf Eichmann’s previously secret relations to certain Jewish Agencies. Economic agreements between Nazi Germany and the Jewish Agency. This book is out of print, very rare . Very good condition with original dust jacket. Published 1970. Hardcover $425 for both volumes, not sold separately. For the serious collector.

#9  The Zionist Connection, What Price Peace by Alfred M. Lilienthal , with author’s written dedication to Willis Carto February l980. In an early letter to Alfred Lilienthal , Pres. Kennedy wrote, “I wholly agree that American partisanship the Arab Israel conflict is dangerous to both the United States and the Free World”. Author Lilienthal gives background of the forces that already brought numerous wars to the Middle East.  He makes clear how the politicization of the Jewish people confusing home and state and religion with  “nationalism” underlies the Arab-Israeli conflict. Zionism is the moving force to get their plans into the White House , the Press and into Congress.  872 pages, Published in l979, hardcover with original dust jacket.  Very good condition.  $65

#10  Grimm’s Teutonic  Mythology  by Jacob Grimm, 1882  London, Bell & Sons, hardcover,  3 books , Vol. 1,  2&3,  and  4    Excellent condition, $ 50.

 #11  Medieval Europe 375 – 1270, Bemont and Monod,  Henry Holt Co  N Y 1902, hardcover, very good condition, 556 pages $ 20.

 #12  Anglo Saxon Classics, Erasmus B Anderson edition ,Norrcena Society, private printing for members,  350 total printed , Imperial Edition, royal blue cover with Gold art. London 1907 Hardcover, 15 volume set, elegant edition, very good  $150.

 #13  Lost Civilization of the Stone Age, Richard Rudgley, 300 pages, paperback $15. Like new

 #14  The Barbarian Conversion from Paganism to Christianity, Richard Fletcher, Henry Holt l998 lst American Edition , hardcover with dust jacket, 562 pages , like new $30.

 #15  Documents on the  Expulsion of the Germans from Eastern-Central-Europe, published by the Federal Ministry for Expellees, Refugees and War  Victims, 1960, Leer, Germany . 3 books,Vol 1  Vol 2&3,  Vol 4.  Hardcover, very rare books, Impossible to find these originals in print. $250.00 for collectors.

 #16  The Other Side of Deception, by Victor Ostrowsky, ex-Mossad agent, exposing their secret agenda. Harper  Collins, NY,  hardcover, 315 pages, like new, $35.

#17  HITLER , by  Joachim Fest, bestselling book in l974 , Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, NY, hardcover, 843 pages, many photos, with dust jacket, good condition. $25.

#18  The Wedemeyer Report  by General Albert C Wedemeyer, carries the Generals inscription to his friend, Willis A Carto. Also Mrs. Carto’s l958 Christmas inscription.  It bares correspondence, conservations and secret meetings etc. preparing for the invasion of Europe. Henry Holt Co. NY 1958. Dust Jacket in poor condition, the book itself is very good condition.    Hardcover,                  497 pages, $45.

 #19  Asgard and the Gods, The Tales and Traditions of  our Northern Ancestors, Wagner/MacDowall, Anson editor, London Swan Co., l902, hardcover 326 pages with many illustrations. Dark red with gold binding, excellent condition $45.

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