Willis A Carto’s Personal Library Books for Sale     

4  The Pentagon Papers, NY Times edition 1971, 800 pages hardcover, covers is a little worn but looks good, pages are in excellent condition HC $40

#5  Rush to Judgment by Mark Lane, printed in  l992, this bestseller is now out of print. It reveals what the Warren commission did not report about the Kennedey assasinatiion. Mark Lane was a good friend of Willis Carto.  Paperback, oversized, 478 pages. Like new  $60.

#6 The Confessions of Kurt Gerstein, by Henri Roques. An expose shattering the myth that Pope Pius the 12th was complaisant in the holocaust. The author provides transcripts of the tortured testimony of Gerstein. Pbk. 315 pages $35.

#49 East and West by C. Northcote Parkinson , famous for his “LAW” which was a delight to read. He was just as amusing when on a speaker circuit in the l960. This book covers the more serious subject of conflicts between East and West. Published 1963, John Murray, London with dust jacket, very good, HC, 290 pgs. $25

#50 The Issues of the Populist and Progressive eras,  1892-1912, Documentary History of the United States,sounds dry but is an interesting read. Edited by Richard M. Abrams.1970 University of South Carolina edition, HC, lst edition,283 pgs very good $18

#55 The Life of Westbrook Pegler by Finis Farr, Pegler was a friend of Willis Carto, Willis wrote his first letter to “Peg” in l948. Pegler was very much an American Icon in his time, especially his acerbic remarks about Eleanor and Franklin made him enemies. The book is based on his writings. 1975 Arlington House, 235 pgs, HC,very good, with dust jacket in great shape. $60.

 #56 The Next Civilization by Dr Elmer Pendell, a friend of Willis Carto who later published other books for him. This book dissects the elements of harmony of Spengler , Toynbee and Sorokin and other experts in the study of civilizations. His recommendations are at times controversial, but Dr.Pendell always maintained his honest conclusions.l960 with dust jacket, good, HC 238 pgs.  $45

#57 Who killed Hitler? By Moore and Barrett, Booktab Press, NY, Foreword by W F Heimlich, Former Chief Intelligence Officer for the U S Army in Berlin , July l947. His conclusion is that the end of Hitler’s life will remain a mystery until his remains are found. He does not believe in any statements made by German witnesses with Hitler in the Bunker. The controversy continues to this day. Claims that Hitler escaped the Bunker and lived his life out in South America are nonsense. In the l970s Willis Carto got the word of Commando Col. Otto Skorzeny that no underground organizations existed to bring German Officials out of Germany at the end of WWll. Hitler would never have fled his country. He planned his death that is certain and he died in the Bunker. Anything else would not have been in his character. 173 pgs, HC, very good, $65

 #58 The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau, l939-l945 by Alfred M. de Zayas,first published in Germany it was later produced in English and published by the University of Nebraska. The author is a graduate of Harvard Law school. His examinations of German records of WWll shed a light on the work of German War Crimes Bureau investigations. Crimes were investigated and reported to Berlin. Those committed against Germans were punishable as well as crimes committed by German soldiers against non-Germans. The author’s writings are extremely revealing when one considers his exclusions of major crimes that supposedly were also committed at that time. V.g. 364 pgs, Pbk, $12

#59 Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS by Leon Degrelle, lst edition,1983 IHR 68 pgs $25

 #60 Rudolf Hess: Prisoner of Peace by his wife, Ilse Hess, translated from the German in l954, published 1984 by IHR. The Flight to Britain and its Aftermath. Pbk, 151 pgs, very good $50

 #61 Fortress Cholm by Oskars Perro, translated from the Latvian. Author was a Latvian soldier in the German army fighting Communist Russia. In winter of l942 he took part in the battle for Fortress Cholm. Fighting a whole Soviet Army with a small German/Latvian army group, they won against Russia. These are Perro’s words, in memory of all those brave souls who were with him and did not survive. 208 pgs, like new , HC with dust jacket $25

#62 Memoirs, Ten Years and Twenty Days, by Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz. Foreword by John Toland,1997 $8 Da Capo Press edition, 520 pgs, Pbk, very good, $8.

 #63 From The Kaiserhof To the Reich Chancellery, by Joseph Goebbels, published by Ostara 2012, PBK, 287 pgs, v.good $15

#64 Hitler’s Last Bastion by Franz Kurowski, 1998 Schiffer Publications, The final stages of WWII , desparat battles were taking place inside and outside of Germany. Many photos, 380 pgs,HC like new with dust jacket $25

 #65 The New German Reichschancellery in Berlin l938-1945, Cowdry$Cowdry Publishers 2003. oversized format: Hitler’s New Reichschancellery,designed and built by Albert Speer. Beautyful photography with text. HC 125 pgs with fold-out map, like new $40

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