Willis A Carto’s Personal Library Books for Sale     


#4  The Pentagon Papers, NY Times edition 1971, 800 pages hardcover, covers is a little worn but looks goo, pages are in excellent condition HC $40

#5  Rush to Judgment by Mark Lane, printed in  l992, this bestseller is not out of print. I reveals what the Warren commission did not report about the Kenndey assasinatiion. Mark Lane was a good friend of Willis Carto.  Paperback, oversized, 478 pages. Like new  $60.

#6  The Confessions of Kurt Gerstein, by Henri Roques. An expose shattering the myth that Pope Pius the 12th was complaisant in the holocaust. The author provides transcripts of the tortured testimony of Gerstein. Ppbk. 315 pages $35.

#20  Racial Realities in Europe, Lothrop Stoddard, C Scribner, NY 1924. Delicate condition but great read. 222 pages, $25 HC

#21 The New World of Islam, Lothrop Stoddard, C Scribner, NY 1923, with map,362 pages, HC $20

#22 The Revolt against Civilization. Lothrop Stoddard, C Scribner, NY, 1924 ,  273 pages HC $25

#23  A Short History of Byzantium, John J. Norwich, lst US edition, Alfred A Knopf, NY  l997, 431 pages, excellent condition with dust jacket HC $30

#24  History of the World by E A Duyckinck , Johnson-Fry edition, NY 1869, 4 volume set. Rare old books, one cover is fragile but generally sound. Beautiful leather bindings. Written before political correctness. Over 500 pages in each volume. Collectors item. $285.

#25  Teutonic Myth and Legend by Donald A. Mackenzie, W H Wise Co, NY l934, excellent condition gold on blue, with color plates. 469 pages, HC $120

#26 Teutonic Mythology by Viktor Rydberg, Swedish author, London 1889 , very good condition, 706 pages, collector’s item, HC $225

#27 The Truth About Leif Ericsson and the Greenland Voyages to New England  by William B Goodwin, Meador Press, Boston 1941 first printing , 10×8 oversized book with photos and some maps. Book is in perfect condition but dust jacket is worn but still important. 445 pages,  Willis Carto’s name stamped inside first page. HC $85

#28 Gods of the North by Brian Branston, Thomas/Hudson, London 1955, 316 pages, very good condition with dust jacket. HC $65

#29  Can You survive? Guidelines for Resistance to Tyranny For You and Your Family by Robert B. DePugh. He was a very controversial character but admired by many for his courage. Printed by the Noontide Press in l973 this edition is unique and can’t be bought anymore. Contains original ads from Liberty Lobby and Noontide Press, both were founded by Willis Carto. Can’t set a value but will accept the best offer. This is a collectors item.

#30  Lafayette in America During and After the Revolutionary War, by Hamilton Fish. He was a friend to Willis Carto who published The Other Side of the Coin by Mr Fish, another very fine book. He served in Congress from 1920 to 1945 as a Republican. He was a great-grandson of a colonel in Washington’s army, who was a friend of Lafayette and Alexander Hamilton. Printed by Vantage Press in  1976, very good condition with dust jacket, 250 pages. A rare book. HC $95

#31 Attacks – by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, Classic military literature is was originally published in 1937 in Germany. In 1943 the US Army translated the book and General Patton was said to have read it over and over again. This book is the first unabridged edition of the book as published in the US. This is a retranslated work without any omissions. Pristine condition. Published in l979 in Virginia by Athena Press. 325 pages HC $25

#32  I was Quisling’s Secretary by Franklin Knudsen, He was Quisling’s political aide de camp and later his private secretary. He was true to him until the Norwegian premier was executed in l945 for treason. The name Quisling became synonymous with traitor. This books reveals and documents a totally different picture of the man. The author blames the Norwegian politicians in their short-sightedness before the war. These men fled to Britain to set up a “Government” until the war was over. These days, even Quisling is being rehabilitated. First edition published by Briton’s in London l967. 192 pages with dust jacket. Very rare book. HC $95.


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