“ADL Closes Its File On Yockey” (Right magazine, August 1960)

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No.  59.  August, 1960

“What has caused greater suffering than the follies of the compassionate?” —Friedrich Nietzsche


Creative Genius Driven to Suicide

Frustrated and driven to despair, hounded and persecuted like a wild beast, deserted and ignored by the easy-living cowards for whom he had fought so hard—a great creative genius committed suicide in the San Francisco County Jail on Thursday night, June 16.

The man was Francis Parker Yockey. Born in a mid-Western Catholic family in Chicago in 1917, Yockey displayed astounding gifts early in life and his wondering parents determined to give him the best education they could. He attended American colleges, graduating cum laude from Harvard in 1941.

He was a talented pianist. He was a gifted writer. But most of all, Yockey was a philosopher.

Although strongly anti-war, Yockey joined the army. He never went overseas and was given an honorable (medical) discharge in 1943. In 1944 he went to work as assistant county attorney in Detroit. He soon applied for a position with the “war crimes” tribunal and easily landed a job. But it was too much for his sense of justice. He became nauseated with the crooked and illegal procedures being followed and, in an angry exchange with Justice Jackson, quit.

This was the turning point in his life, for Jackson immediately reported Yockeys attitude to his superiors. Back in New York’s bustling offices of the Anti-Defamation League, a new file was opened. The name on it was, “Yockey, Francis Parker.”


Now Yockey travelled in Europe. At first he tried to work with various European nationalist groups which advocated European unification. But he was resented for his superior intellect. At last he decided to put his thoughts down on paper, convinced that only his dynamic philosophy of Cultural Vitalism could save the White race. So he went to Brittas Bay, Ireland in 1948. Isolated, he wrote Imperium, using the pen name of Ulick Varange.

This task took him six months. Incredibly, in spite of the vast learning the book displays, he did not need to use any references while writing it!

Imperium is a book which will live a thousand years. It is a deeply spiritual study of the organic culture, viewed from the standpoint of the necessity of Western survival.


From the moment of publication of this book, his doom was sealed. For it must have become apparent to international Jewry at that time that Yockey had to be destroyed and his book suppressed at all costs. The file in the ADL labelled “Yockey” was now stamped “Priority!”

After a disappointing trip to the U.S., Yockey retured to Europe in 1951. This was when he wrote to an American: “I can’t take it any longer. People are so dumb and our own patriots are so divided and can’t grasp the danger we are in.”

By now, the federal government had been impressed into the service of the ADL and it began systematic, world-wide persecution of Yockey. This finally became unbearable; Yockey dropped completely out of sight. Back in the U.S., the FBI questioned hundreds of people at a cost of an unknown thousands of dollars. A few people asked the FBI why they were so interested in this anti-Communist, whose only crime had been to write a book. The FBI would sometimes answer that Yockey was suspected of heading an “international conspiracy” against the government. This stupid excuse was the best the ADL could devise to justify their inhuman treatment of Yockey. In the meantime, Yockey apparently resorted to fake names and passports—anything to escape the mad dogs on his trail.


His movements in Europe from 1951 to 1960 are unknown. Most of his friends believed he must have been killed. But on June 9, 1960 the San Francisco Bay Area papers screamed the headline news that a “mysterious stranger” had been picked up in Oakland on June 6 with three passports! The FBI, State and Justice Departments were intensely interested, it was reported. He was held for $50,000 bail. His name? Francis Parker Yockey!

From the start, the affair was headline news in San Francisco. But it was all efficiently suppressed in other sections of the country.

Next began a fantastic series of illegalities and violations of due process of law unparalleled in the U.S. since the Atlanta synagogue bombing, when five youths were almost “legally” lynched for bombing a synagogue actually bombed by an agent of the ADL. (All this was reported in RIGHT 38, 39, 40, 41, 42.) Here are a few of the illegalities and civil rights violations that Yockey suffered: (1) The FBI arrested him without a warrant, violating the 4th Amendment. (2) His bail was set at $50,000 by Judge Joseph Karesh, an ordained rabbi. (At one time Karesh said he wished it was $150,000.) The 8th Amendment bars excessive bail. Normal bail for passport fraud—the only charge against him—is $5,000. (3) He suffered cruel and unusual punishment in the County Jail. (4) The papers accused him of doing things he never did and saying things he never said, whipping up public hatred and ridicule of him. (5) He was denied interviews with friends and even his sisters had to receive special and begrudging permission to see him.


His first attorney, a well-meaning but ignorant patent lawyer—a friend of the family—pulled the biggest boner. Having had two relatives “cured” in insane asylums, and unable to comprehend a man with an intellect infinitely superior to his own, he suggested to rabbi Karesh that Yockey needed a mental examination. This was the chance that rabbi Karesh was looking for. “The merits of the case have nothing to do with it,” he agreed, “This man needs a mental examination.”

In an effort to justify these and other brazen illegalities, and trying to whip up public ignorance of the Yockey affair, Stanley Jacobs, official of the San Francisco Anti-Defamation League, publicly branded Yockey a”top fascist” who was “pro-Russian and anti-American.” He was widely quoted.

Then another bombshell. It was revealed that the friend at whose home Yockey was captured was Alex Scharf, former Auschwitz prisoner who had escaped the “gas chambers.” Mystified reporters wondered how “anti-Semite” Yockey could have a confirmed Semite for a friend. The ADL had no answer.

As Yockey lay on his cot in jail, he must have considered his predicament as objectively as he could. The pattern had now become clear; his fate was planned. No jury trial was to be aljowed. He had counted on a jury trial. Instead, he was to be declared insane and indefinitely held. He could expect unending grilling—mental torture and perhaps physical torture, too, and finally . . . a frontal lobotomy; his mind sterilized. Worst of all, he thought, there is the public scorn. For a man like Yockey, ridicule was unbearable.

What hope had he? No newspapers outside of San Francisco were carrying the story. He was denied elementary civil rights that every Communist received. No one seemed to care; he was cut off from the outside, lonely, forgotten.


He still had a trump card. Should he use it? He could escape his persecutors this way, and cheat them of their feast. In any event, he had made his contribution to the world with his book. His suicide would attract some attention; perhaps some people would wonder why a man would die for his beliefs and investigate by reading his book!

He made his decision, and his jaw set. He turned toward his celimate and cryptically said, “I’ll sleep through ‘dl morning.”

The lights went out at nine, that Thursday evening. In the dark he felt for the hidden capsule. Yes, it was still there. Potassium cyanide is very quick.


The following morning his sister was told. With a heart full of agony she murmured, “He felt that he was not going to receive a fair trial . . . and he was right. Now—all of that talent and brilliance—gone!”

Although the tragic death of Francis Parker Yockey has enabled the ADL to finally close its bulky file on him, it is Pyrrhic victory. For his death has made Yockey a martyr to the ideas for which he sacrificed his entire life, and these ideas would not die if there were a thousand ADLs. They will live on, rooted and nourished now in an ever-increasing number of minds until the outcome of the final battle of the Western world either assures them of everlasting triumph or obliteration.

The world already owes a great debt to Francis Parker Yockey. Let his noble life be an example to inspire our own nobility and his tragic death be a rebuke to our own cowardice and guilt. And let his watching spirit witness our perpetual and increased hostility towards the “inner enemy” which, by killing Yockey, gives birth to a brighter fire of self-sacrifice for ourselves.

Oh God, may his great, troubled soul, purged now of the self-assumed burden of responsibility be bore, at last find the peace and rest he never thought of seeking in life.

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