Eustace Mullins

Letter from Eustace Mullins to Willis Carto (July 17, 2002)

Dear Willis;

I was very gratified to receive your kind note about the conference. It was a very pleasant occasion for all concerned, and I shall be looking forward to the fourth conference. These meetings are extremely important to keep up the spirits of so many of those who have have been discouraged by the long haul, among which I am glad to say you and I have certainly been affected but not discouraged. This country is too great to ever relinquish by anyone who is loyal, and there are plenty of patriots who have been disassociated and pointed in wrong directions by the sheer ability and special talents of our enemies….

…My Japanese manager put me up at the Hilltop Hotel for a special reason which I did not know about. When he met me, he said this was the headquarters of Gen MacArthur during his reign as Emperor of Japan. There is no plaque or marker of any kind, which is typical of the Japanese as they could hardly be too happy about memorializing his stay there in any way.

I have commented for years on the constant war being waged against Japan in the financial press, led by the worst Zionists of all, the Wall Street Journal, although all of the others echo the line. I have watched for ten years as they publish daily stories that Japan is collapsing, Japan has only a few days left, the economy of Japan is based on bad real estate loans and can only survive a few more days; ten years of this, and when I go to Japan I see a busy and prosperous nation. I pointed out to the Japanese in my lectures the reason for this, which they never dreamed of, that the Zionists wage a worldwide war against Japan because they can never forgive Japan for having been the ally of Germany during WORLD War II, and thereby, guilt by association, as guilt of the Holohoax.

Being a logical people, the Japanese never had any idea of this, and I doubt if they have really grasped it even though I emphasize it in each of my trips there. The problem, which always works against us, is that nonsense and lies are much more interesting and believable than the truth, Mickey Mouse is an entertainer whereas rats are dirty and destructive, so go with Mickey.

I appreciate your inviting me to the conference and will look forward to the fourth.

with very best regards,

Eustace Mullins

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