James J. Martin

James J. Martin (1916–2004) was an American historian best known for his 1964 book, American Liberalism and World Politics, 1931–1941. Harry Elmer Barnes called it “unquestionably the most formidable achievement of World War II Revisionism.”

James J. Martin
March 18, 1975

Best known for the book “American Liberalism and World Politics”
H.E. Barnes called it “the most formidable achievement of World War 2 Revisionism.

Dear Willis: 

I trust you will get to see the piece on the tax revolt in the current NATIONAL OBSERVER, week ending March 22.  Mentions Martin Larson, LL, Mr. Cooley, others.  Written from the point of view of the IRS tax thieves, mentions only the unsuccessful, omits all references to IRS defeats, and the magnitude of the spread of the sentiment against this robber bund. But interesting that it should be mentioned at all. The crooks must be getting a little edgy…

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