The Nameless Tyrant

In any dictatorship, the tyrant cannot be criticized and he controls the press. Applying this truism to America, who is this ruler who cannot be criticized without smear and financial ruin?

The American Mercury  Magazine was published by Willis Carto from 1966 through 1979. It was founded by the famous H.L.Mencken in 1922 and was published under various ownerships after Mencken retired. Willis maintained the iconoclast tradition of his style, never afraid to deal with subjects generally not touched by the “Free Press”.

IN THE Mercury’s Opinion

The Nameless Tyrant

by Willis Carto

Summer, 1971

WITHOUT DOUBT, one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century was Francis Parker Yockey, the towering genius whose most notable achievement was Imperium, the philosophy of history and politics, which he wrote under the pseudonym of Ulick Varange. Not as well known as Imperium are a number of shorter essays, four of which have recently been reprinted by the Nordland Press, Box 114, Essex Fells, N.J. 07021 ($1).

Yockey had virtually a superhuman ability to see years into the future and this, as he himself remarked, is the mark of genius. In 1948, for example, he clearly understood an esoteric fact which was probably realized then by no one else except the actors themselves and today—23 years later—is still comprehended by only a handful. Yet it is vitally important and must be recognized before today can be understood in the light of reality.

The fact to which we refer is that the American Nation is not sovereign but is literally a Zionist dependency.

Acceptance of this fact throws much light on the true world political picture and makes understandable things which are otherwise mysterious.

The Nameless Tyrant 1

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