Proposed New Constitution for THE NEWSTATES OF AMERICA

Is our Constitution doomed, to be replaced by this document which will signal the death of our Free Republic?

Proposed New Constitution for THE NEWSTATES OF AMERICA

A Review and Commentary 8 Rexford G. Tugwell’s book

What you are about to read is true. It can happen, unless we stop it. To be aware is to care, and to care is to act. In 1964, the writing of a new constitution for America began, at a tax-exempt foundation with the misleading name, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.
The people who took it upon themselves to write this new constitution on our behalf were, of course, not elected representatives, or in any other way our representatives. As a tax-exempt foundation, they were able to do political work on what amounts to a subsidy taken from your taxes, but you and I were never asked if we wanted a new constitution written. Indeed, only a very tiny fraction of the people of the United States even know that it exists: it has been made known to practically no one except a select category of influential people whose views and interest generally coincide with those of the people who wrote it. The American people as a whole are still in the dark about it, and this situation is deliberate. It is therefore truly a “secret” constitution.

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