Open Letter to President Johnson

The American Mercury Magazine was published by Willis Carto from 1966 through 1979. It was founded by the famous H.L. Mencken in 1922 and was published under various ownerships after Mencken retired.

Open Letter to President Johnson

by Carleton Putman, Founder of Delta Airlines. Western Destiny September 1964

Nothing infuriates the embattled defenders of the expiring status quo so much as a frontal attack upon their pet theory of equality, for when that is knocked over so will their political edifice topple. Carleton Putnam, a distinguished Northern businessman—a native of New York and a graduate from both Princeton and Columbia—here delivers a heavy blow with his wrecking ball of fact and truth. Putnam’s excellent book, Race and Reason, is available, paperback, for $2 from this magazine.

In your statement to religious leaders at the White House on April 29 you are quoted as saying that “the problem of racial rights and racial wrongs is the central moral problem of this Republic.” You will find little disagreement on this general proposition, but I am puzzled by your application of it to the existing facts.
Let me be explicit. One fundamental question underlies all discussion of the race problem at home or abroad today. Until it is correctly answered, no wise decision can be reached regarding any judicial or legislative aspect of race relations. Nor can any moral or religious position properly be taken….


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