Censuring The Balfour Declaration

This copy of the Balfour Declaration with photos is from 1959, rare with the pictures:

No. 20 (May – June 1959)


801 2nd Avenue, Room 801, New York, NY

Editor: Izzat Tannous, M.D.

The trigger that let-loose the recent unholy Jewish Invasion of Palestine

The Contradictory, Immoral and Treacherous Document

The million Palestine Arab refugees feel that the Balfour Declaration was the main cause of their catastrophe. It was the trigger that let-loose the recent unholy Jewish invasion of Palestine which ended in their expulsion from their homes and country. They fully realize that had it not been for that treacherous declaration, they would all be enjoying their homes and country today and they would have been independent and free like all other people.

For this reason, the name of “Balfour” has gone down in Arab history as the name of Judas Iscariot in the Gospel. They both sold innocent blood for thirty pieces of silver’….

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