The Deepening Anarchy

The Deepening Anarchy was written by Willis Carto in 1960. He used a pseudonym to avoid conflict with his political writings while establishing Liberty Lobby in Washington DC.  Racial conflict has been moving up in the world and in the United States.  Sixty years ago it was already a major subject of political and racial debate.

The Deepening Anarchy

Second Article in this Series “The Way to World Peace”
By E. L. ANDERSON, Ph.D. (Willis Carto)
March and April 1961

The story of the so-called “Franco-African Community,” which I described in my first article, is an ominous example of the present trend towards the ultimate destruction of all races and the breakdown of all cultures. This horrifying but very real possibility is by far the most important single problem with which the world is faced, because nothing including the atom-bombing of the planet — would set back the evolutionary process of homo sapiens, as well as his cultural levels, as far as this.

There are those who say that they are willing to accept anything for the sake of peace.
War, to them, is the ultimate evil.These people advocate world government. Assuming that their
desires for peace are honest ones, and that they are not consciously serving the cause world revolution, let us examine their panacea from three stand-points: racial, cultural and political.

Evolution and Sir Arthur Keith

No one will deny that the destruction of all races into “one” is a prime aim of the fanatics who are pushing us in this direction. These”enlightened ones” pride themselves on their intellectuality, yet if you were to mention the name of Sir Arthur Keith to them they probably have never heard of him.
Arthur’s great contribution to knowledge lies in his establishment of the biological fact that evolution is de-pendant upon genetic isolation, and that genetic anarchy, as hoped and planned for by the one-worlders, will result neither in “one” race nor in stable conditions.
And homosapiens, in his words, “as an evolutionary venture, will come to an untimely end.”

World Government Threat

This alone is enough to rule out forever any attempt to mongrelize the races of the world. But leaving the factor of race aside for awhile, the scheme of world government necessarily requires a
“cultural transference”scale which would affect every man, woman and child on earth to the depth of his soul. Arnold Toynbee, cherished pet of the liberals, calls this process “cultural enrichment.”

But it is clear to a fair-minded person that this process “transference”is neither nor “enrichment” but “disaster.” All sociologists (except when they are propagandizing for the destruction of White civilization) recognize that the primary law of sociology is that cultural integrity very nearly equals social health. It is the influence of aliens in any culture which always produces strains in a”finely-balanced cultural organism,” to quote Richard LaPiere. No people can absorb the strange and misunderstood and exotic ways of foreigners without ill effects…

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