Clinton Adviser Plans War

War drums are beating and Americans should be listening. The following articles were planned wars and executed from 2003 to 2011, starting with Kuwait and followed by the disastrous Iraq war. Over a million Iraqis and 4500 Americans lost their lives. Sabers are rattling again. It is time to inform ourselves that wars are always bad. These meetings were held in DC starting in early June 1993.

Shocking Admission Revealed 
Clinton Adviser Plans War


(June 7, 1993)

To buttress its position as the  dominant power in the Middle East, the Clinton administration has decided to destroy the governments of both Iran and Iraq, a senior White House official privately told a group of Israeli lobbyists in Washington.

The stunning revelation was made by Martin Indyk, a veteran Israeli agent who received a special grant of American citizenship on the day of the Clinton-Gore inauguration so he could take charge of U.S. policy in the Middle East, the oil-rich Persian Gulf countries and South Asia.

Diplomatic circles in Washington and New York, already worried over Clinton’s choice of an alien political operative as his key adviser on such a crucial region, reacted with shock to the discovery that the United States was being manipulated into a simultaneous confrontation with two major nations of the Islamic world.

“This means war, war without end, in which the United States will have no real supporter but Israel.” observed Issah Nakhleh, one of the most respected Middle Eastern spokesmen at UN headquarters in New York. “More than that, in Israel itself, Indyk represents only the most belligerent political faction, the coalition of aging terrorists known as the Likud.”

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