The Racial Psychology of Stan Gooch: Cro-Magnons vs the Neanderthals

Wilmot Robertson published Instauration magazine from 1975 to 2000. Covering racial studies and the evaluation of the future of White European Americans who are now of course in the minority.  He became well-known for writing the book The Dispossessed Majority, the decline of white America. also carries correspondence between Wilmot and Willis.

The Racial Psychology of Stan Gooch


APRIL 1988

WRITER AND PSYCHOLOGIST Stan Gooch has a bloodline which belies his impeccably British name.

Partly gypsy on his mother’s side, he is all Jewish on his father’s. Not surprisingly, Gooch admits to being a liberal. He has been the subject of a sympathetic article in the Guardian, and it is fair to say that many of his ideas would be more at home in an Establishment newspaper than in the pages of Instauration. As an instance — let it be said at the outset — he regards Jews as the world’s Herrenvolk.

So why should Instaurationists study his work? Simply because he looks to race to explain differences in behavior between individuals and between societies; and the truth as he sees it often buttresses not the liberal’s worldview, but ours. Ponder, for exam-ple, the following extract from his Personality and Evolution:

There is, indeed, a sense in which the Self does not want to be free and in which it enjoys its sufferings. This is a statement one must make with caution — for, though it is, I believe, in a certain sense true, it is the kind of statement which is apt to be only too useful as fascist propaganda. Is one saying, for example, that the Jews enjoyed the concentration camps of the last war? Or that the Negroes wanted to be shipped as slaves to America and else-where, there often to die of starvation and mistreatment? That obviously goes much too far. Yet there is a sort of truth here. (p. 57)

Fascist propaganda aside, we can thank Stan Gooch for offering this “sort of truth,” and many others, about the workings of racial psychology. The author of more than ten books, Gooch has written three of especial interest to race-conscious whites: the Total Man trilogy, consisting of Total Man (Allen Lane, London, Personality and Evolution (Wildwood House, London, the one to be read first — The Neanderthal Question (Wildwood House, London, 1977).

The basic idea put forward in these books is that mankind is the product of a mix, an unstable but beneficial mix of two radically different stocks of ancient man, Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal. Everybody on earth is presumed to be descended from these two ancestral types, although the frequencies of the two components vary from person to person and from race to race. In Goochian anthropology, the European peoples stand out as overwhelmingly Cro-Magnon, with northwest Europeans ranking as the “Cro-Magnonest.” Blacks have a much stronger admixture of Neanderthal blood; the Chinese and Japanese even more so. As for Jews, in the eyes of Stan Gooch their roughly 50/50 ratio of Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal would appear to be the ideal. It should be noted that blacks, yellows and Jews derive their Neanderthal components from different branches of the family: Rhodesian man from Africa, Peking man (whom Gooch calls “Neanderthaloid”) from Asia and true Neanderthal man, who flourished throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

The skeletons of Cro-Magnon tell us that he was tall and often robustly built. Gooch argues that he must also have had fair hair and light eyes, although the only authentic portrait of him shows a man with dark hair. But in any event, Cro-Magnon looked like modern Europeans. As Professor F. Clark Howell said of him in Early Man (Time-Life, New York, 1973): “With his big head and strong features, a Cro-Magnon man from Europe might well be mistaken for a modern Swede if he walked down the street in Stockholm today” (p. 147)

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