AGENTS OF INFLUENCE: Jewish Pro-Israeli Network Dupes Pentagon

Victor Marchetti published the New American View from Washington D.C. He was very close to the DC crowd and wrote many stories for the Spotlight. He and Willis were good friends and found much in common that needed to be brought to light. The Spotlight had a weekly circulation of 350 to 400 thousand subscribers, Victor was always able to gather important material.

New American View
News and Commentary on the Pro-Israeli Lobby in America
February 15, 1992

Agents of Influence: Jewish Pro-Israeli Network Dupes Pentagon

(Editor’s Note: This is our second and concluding commentary on the recent Wall Street Journal three-part series by investigative reporters Edward Pound and David Rogers, which examined the infiltration of the Pentagon and defense industry by Israeli agents. The series and its implications were, as one might expect, virtually ignored by the mainstream news media.)

“When Stephen Bryen assumed a sensitive Pentagon job in 1981,” says the Wall Street Journal (WSJ),”he gave up his paid post as executive director of a small but influential pro-Israeli organization called the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). No matter:
His wife, Shoshana, soon took his place at JINSA, which was busily working to step up contacts with military officials in the U.S.

“In the old days, these people would never have been given security clearances. They wouldn’t have been able to pass the polygraph. But the Reagan administration allowed them in, and they gave the store away to Israel.”

“Today, the 49-year-old Mr. Bryen is back serving on JINSA’s advisory board, even as he is a paid Pentagon consultant-with a security clearance on exports of sensitive U.S. technology. Michael Ledeen, an early player in the Iran-contra affair and fellow Pentagon consultant, serves with him on the JINSA board, as docs Richard Perle, a former high-ranking Pentagon official who remains an adviser to Defense Secretary Richard Cheney.” This “tight little circle” of agents of influence illustrates the power of the Jewish lobby in Washington and Israel’s firm grip on the Pentagon’s throat. Secretary Cheney, nominally a conservative Republican (with a questionable draft status during the Vietnam War), was honored by JINSA as its Man of the Year last October. Rep.
Les Aspin (D-Wis.), a limousine liberal, fabled junket artist and chairman of the powerful House Armed Services Committee -in addition to being a dear friend of Israel- joined JINSA’s advisory board last month.

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