Mike Piper, 2011

My longtime friend, Willis Carto (top left), America’s premier populist theo-retician, coined the term “international nationalism.” Willis first introduced me to DeWest Hooker (top right), who became a good friend, providing me insights I value immensely.

Hooker and Carto were also friends with Swiss banker Francois Genoud (bottom right), the foremost geopolitical strategist for post-World War Il cooperation among like-minded nationalists around the globe. And with Lawrence Dennis (bottom left), an unrivaled intellect whom Willis credits for shaping much of his own world view.

It was Dennis who paved the way for Hooker to meet with former Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy (center). at which time Kennedy outlined to Hooker the Kennedy Dynasty’s secret agenda: breaking the back of Jewish power in America. My own philosophy— beyond question – has been influenced by each of those in this gallery of figures who have been in the front line of the battle against the New World Order.


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