Zionist Influence on the American Media: Michael Collins Piper

Michael Collins Piper was a prolific author of many books as well as writing for years for The Spotlight and American Free Press. He delivered this presentation at the Abu Dhabi-based think tank of the Arab League.

Michael Collins Piper’s Speech to the Zayed Centre Exposing:
Zionist Influence on the American Media


What follows is the complete text of American Free Press correspondent Michael Collins Piper’s historic March 10, 2003 address to the Zayed International Centre for Coordination and Follow-Up, the Abu Dhabi-based think tank of the Arab League. Piper focused on the topic of the immense pro-Israel bias of the American media and of the significant influence and control of the media by wealthy and powerful families and financial institutions devoted to the pro-Israel cause. This special reprint edition is personally autographed by Michael Collins Piper.


I would like to thank His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Arab League, the Zayed Centre and its staff, and all of those gathered here for honoring me with this opportunity to speak to you today.

My topic—the reason for the failure of the U.S. media to accurately portray the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people and the resulting impact on U.S. Middle East policy-is certainly a timely one, more so than ever.

However, I would note this: The policies toward Israel and the Arab world being pursued by those who control the United States government today are not policies that would be endorsed by the American people if the American people had a full understanding of the history of the Middle East during the past century.

And this speaks directly to the question of media bias. It is precisely because of this media bias that Americans have failed, for so long, to understand the improper nature of the policies being pursued by their government.

The American mass media tells Americans, time and again, that in totalitarian states the governments control the media. Americans are told that this is wrong.
However, what Americans are NOT told is that in the United States today, the small group of tightly knit families and financial interests who dominate the major media use that power to control the government and its policies.

Americans view television news as some form of entitlement—a public utility, much like water or electricity. The average American has no idea that the media is actually a tool for those who control it to use for the exercise of political power.

Americans are good people, really, but are in many respects, very, very naive.
I am here to tell you—very proudly-that for the last 23 years, more than half my life, I have been one of the few independent minded American journalists who have attempted to provide balance and truth in reporting on the Middle East conflict.

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