Rise of the New World Order by Hilaire Du Berrier

Written by Hilaire Du Berrier
Published by The Committee To Restore the Constitution
February 1994
Lt.Col. Archibald E Roberts

HILAIRE DU BERRIER, International Political Analyst, Council Member, Committee to Restore the Constitution.

Mr. Du Berrier serves as consultant to governments, legislative officials and organizations. He can be contacted through his publication. H du B Reports, Le Roqueville, 20 Boulevard Princess Charlotte, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Few private newsletters in America are as established as H du B Reports and no other is compiled abroad by an experienced specialist acquainted with world affairs and the unique forces and men affecting events in the world. It is imperative as the shadows gather that H du B Reports reaches a wider public. We urge you to help make it grow.


On October 8 your writer was in Versailles with the fact-finding tour which recent presidential candidate Howard Phillips took across Europe.
In a room of the palace of Louis XIV, covered with the patina of history but with not the most perfect acoustics, we tried to put in succinct English the story of how THE NEW WORLD ORDER was founded.

Our being with the Phillips group in Versailles, Paris, and Strasbourg was the first time the conservative authority on Washington’s insiders and the only conservative American writing on world affairs from Europe have cooperated to bring Americans the complete and complex picture of the international plan to bury cultures and nation states in a common grave.

Mr. Phillips’ ISSUES AND STRATEGY BULLETIN, (published by Policy Analysis, Inc., 9520 Bent Creek Lane, Vienna, VA 22182. Twice monthly, $100 a year), is compiled in the nation’s capitol. Any policy plan is a conspiracy until its authors remove its masks and H. duB. Report is the only one compiled abroad on such matters by an experienced American.

With that in view this issue is written as an aide memoire to which those on the Phillips tour of NEW WORLD ORDER EUROPE, and those unable to accompany it, may refer. Those who made the tour saw the buildings in Brussels from which the European Commission initiates and draws up proposals and sees that the Treaty of Rome, on which the European Community is based, is not violated by states, institutions or individuals….

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