Ike Renominated In Spite of His Red Record

Convention News
August 1956
Preface by Willis Carto

San Francisco, August 24-One of the most dramatic Republican Conventions ever held adjourned yesterday after enthusiastically renominating Dwight D. Eisenhower for the high office of President. Although there was never any question as to whom the choice of the delegates would be, a note of drama and perhaps even a slight lessening of enthusiasm was provided by a newspaper calling itself the Convention News.

Distributed in advance of the Convention to all delegates as well as thousands of spectators, the paper predicted the renomination of Ike but didn’t stop there. The newspaper went on to divulge hitherto-hidden facts about Eisenhower which are -to put it mildly- shocking.

Contending that Eisenhower is nothing but a tool in the hands of certain unnamed subversive forces which built up the political figure he is, and that he has been one of the prime factors in the decline of western civilization, and the American republic, the Convention was highly unpopular among the delegates.

But the facts of history and Ike’s ignoble past are there nonetheless and It is safe to assume that more than one delegate’s conscience at the part that he has played in renominating such an apparent sinister person will ever more be a heavyweight on his heart when he ponders -in the stillness of his loneliness- his own part of debasement of America…


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