The Christian West and The Arab World

The Christian West and the Arab World was very intriguing to come across. Published by the Palestine Arab Refuge Office, undated, in New York some years ago. It is a 12 page booklet.

by Izzat Tannous, M.D.

I remember reading the story of the great American soldier and hero, George Washington, the First President of the United States. When he defeated the British in 1789 and this country became free and independent, the American people, in gratitude, asked him to become the President of the United States of America. But George Washington declined. He said, “I do not know enough to become the President of the United States. I am a soldier and my knowledge in sciences, in mathematics, in politics and in government do not qualify me to fill this post.”

But the people of this country insisted that he become President. He finally said, “I will go and ask my mother.” George Washington went to his mother and told her that the American people insisted that he become the First President of the United States and that he did not know enough sciences, neither did he have the qualifications to become the President. The hero asked: “What do about this, mother?” His mother answered him and said: “Do you still remember, George, what I taught you in your childhood about honesty, kindness, faithfulness to duty, service to your fellowman, love for justice and love of God?” George said: “I remember all these things, mother.” And the great woman said: “This is all you need to become President of the United States…

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