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 War and Warriors

#100 Hitler and His Generals: Military Conferences 1942-1945.   Heiber,H. & Glantz,D.M.(eds.) (2002-2003). Enigma Books: New York. Transcripts of General Staff Conferences,l942-l945. Impressive 1158-page volume is indispensible for the student of WW2, showing how military decisions were made, with Hitler the dominant part. Like new, with dust jacket. $40.

#101 In the Service of the Reich: The Memoirs of Field-Marshal Keitel, W.Gorlitz and David Irving. (translator). (1979)  Stein and Day/Publishers: Briarcliff Manor, New York. HC 288 pages, very good,with dust jacket $25.

#102 Guderian,Heinz – Panzer Leader. De Capo Press (2002) Cambridge, Massachusetts, 528 pages,like new, oversized ppk $20

#103 Schmidt, Hans. SS Panzergrenadier:  A True Story of World War II. (2001).  Hans Schmidt Publications: Pensacola, Fl. 402 pages, HC with dust jacket like new $75.

#104 von Manstein, Erich,  Lost Victories:  The War Memoirs of Hitler’s Most Brilliant General. (1986). Presidio Press: Novato, CA, HC 573 pages, very good with dust jacket $80

#105 Kesselring: German Master Strategist of the Second World War. Macksey,Kenneth ,The Field-Marshal was one of the most astute military planners, organizer and soldier. Numerous photos included in book (2000) Stackpole Books: Mechanicsburg, Pa. Softcover 262 pages very good cond. $20

 #106 Panzer Baron: The Military Exploits of General Hasso von Manteuffel. Foreword by Gen. A C Wedemeyer. author D.G.Brownlow, (1975). The Christopher Publishing House: North Quincy, Massachusetts.,. Inside page with the author’s signature and von Manteuffel signature on his attached business card. 176 pages HC very good , with dust jacket. Rare, $185.

#107 Panzer Battles, F.W.  von Mellenthin (1956). University of Oklahoma Press: Norman, Oklahoma. 383 pages, v.g. with dust jacket $45

#108 Adolf Galland: A Pilot’s Life in War and Peace , A complete pictoral account of one of the greatest German fighter pilots during WW2. By Werner Held (1986). Champlin Museum Press: Mesa, Arizona. Hundreds  of photos of Galland before and after the War.Paperback,oversized, very good cond, $35.

#109 Fighter General: The Life of Adolf Galland.by Col. R F Toliver & T J Constable.(1990) Signed by Galland and authors Toliver and Constable as well as a  personal inscription to Willis Carto by Trevor Constable. H C 355 pages, excellent condition $75.

#110 Galland, A. The First and the Last: The German Fighter Force in World War II.by Adolf Galland, foreword by Douglas Bader (1986) Champlin Museum Press: Mesa, Arizona. H C  370 pages, excellent condition $45.

#112 The Blond Knight of Germany, (Fighter Ace Erich Hartmann) R F Toliver, & T J Constable, (1985) AERO/Tab Books Inc.: Blue Ridge Summit:  Pa. Hartmann had 352 confirmed victories, the most ever by anyone in areal warfare. At the end of the war he was to spend 10 years in Soviet imprisonment. He later assisted in the development of the West German Air Force. HC 312 pages very good cond. with dust jacket, First edition rare, $125.

#113 I Flew for the Fuhrer: The Story of a German Airman , Heinz Knoke, (1953). Evans Brothers Limited: London, UK. with a separate photo of the author. Foreword by John Pudney , H C 187 pages ,good cond. with dust jacket. $25.

#114 Combat Over Spain: Memoirs of a Nationalist Fighter Pilot 1936-1939 J Larios, with photos, (1966) Macmillan Company: New York, New York. H C 308 pages, very good, with dust jacket $20

#115 The Illusion:  Soviet Soldiers in Hitler’s Armies. Thorwald, Juergen. (1975) The author covers the history of what came to be known known as Vlassov’s Army. The book is the German version of an intricate pattern of betrayal , of misguided hopes and devastating results for the one million Russians who joined the German Army to fight Communism.  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich:  New York, New York. H C  342 pages with dust jacket, good cond.$25

#116 Hitler: Born at Versailles by Leon Degrelle, Institute for Historial Review (l987). The author was a highly decorated soldier of French decent and a Belgian nationalist . A strong opponent to Communism, he joined the German Army during WW2. He was a great admirer of Hitler who considered him a confidant. He founded the Rexist Party in Belgium, a strong Catholic anti-communist movement.  Having access to many unknown documents he wrote this book as one of fourteen to be written as agreed with Willis Carto. He died in l994, a victim of extremely powerful forces of destruction. HC 535 pages, very good condition, with slightly nicked dust jacket. $65.

#117 A Martyr Speaks:  Journal of the Late John Alan Coey. Coey, J.A.  (1988). New Puritan Library. In l972 young John Alan Coey went to Rhodesia to join the Rhodesian people in their struggle against communism. He choose Rhodesia instead of Vietnam. He was a dedicated Christian and he was not a coward. He worked as a “fire-force medic” in the Rhodesian Infantry. He was killed in l975 while attempting to save a life. In l988 his parents were finally able to publish this book as a memorial to their son. Willis Carto helped distribute hundred of copies of this sad endeavor. Softcover 246 pages,  very good, $15.

#118 The Rommel Papers, edited by Liddell Hart. “No commander in history has written an account of his campaigns to match the vividness and value of Rommel’s” – Liddell Hart. Published by Collins, London, l953. HC 545 pages, many photos. With dust jacket which needs work, the book is in very good cond. $28

#119 Operation Nightmare, The Unvarnished truth about America’s Betrayal in Korea and United Nations by Pat Barham and Frank Cunningham, Sequoia University Press, L.A. Calif.1954, Pat Barham was a female war correspondence for the Hearst Papers. She reported the Korean war as she found it with many on-the-spot interviews. F.Cunningham was responsible for the historical research. He was a good friend of Willis Carto. At the Congress of Freedom in San Francisco in l955, he gave Willis this inscribed copy of the book. HC 348 pages, many photos, good but dust jacket needs help. Rare, $88

#88 Crossroads of Death, The Story of the Malmedy Massacre and Trial, by James J Weingartner.

The trial of SS  Lt.Col.Jochen Peiper is one of the tragic outcomes of  WW2. Seventy German Soldiers were tried and most were sentence to hang. None of the death sentences  was carried out. All the German Prisoners were later set free. The trial was before a US military court in 1946. The charges of War Crimes and Speculations were later made and that the SS soldiers were under duress when procecuted. Peiper was sentenced to 10 years in prison  and served his time.  Later  he moved to France and in 1976 was killed when his house was firebombed after a communist newspaper published a story about him.  271 pages, hardcover, like new. Published by the California University Press in 1979. $65

#92  The Liberation of Italy by Luigi Villari, an important study of the aftermath of WW2. A lecturer on Italian politics he was active at the Williamstown Institute of Politics in Virginia and many other international locations. The author takes a very strong anti-Communist position. It is dedicated to “The Victims of the Liberation”. 265 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, good condition. $25.

#59 Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS by Leon Degrelle, lst edition,1983 IHR 68 pgs $25

#60 Rudolf Hess: Prisoner of Peace by his wife, Ilse Hess, translated from the German in l954, published 1984 by IHR. The Flight to Britain and its Aftermath. Pbk, 151 pgs, very good $50

#61 Fortress Cholm by Oskars Perro, translated from the Latvian. Author was a Latvian soldier in the German army fighting Communist Russia. In winter of l942 he took part in the battle for Fortress Cholm. Fighting a whole Soviet Army with a small German/Latvian army group, they won against Russia. These are Perro’s words, in memory of all those brave souls who were with him and did not survive. 208 pgs, like new , HC with dust jacket $25

#62 Memoirs, Ten Years and Twenty Days, by Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz. Foreword by John Toland, 1997 Da Capo Press edition, 520 pgs, Pbk, very good, $8.

#58 The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau, l939-l945 by Alfred M. de Zayas,first published in Germany it was later produced in English and published by the University of Nebraska. The author is a graduate of Harvard Law school. His examinations of German records of WWll shed a light on the work of German War Crimes Bureau investigations. Crimes were investigated and reported to Berlin. Those committed against Germans were punishable as well as crimes committed by German soldiers against non-Germans. The author’s writings are extremely revealing when one considers his exclusions of major crimes that supposedly were also committed at that time. V.g. 364 pgs, Pbk, $12

#64 Hitler’s Last Bastion by Franz Kurowski, 1998 Schiffer Publications, The final stages of WWII , desparate battles were taking place inside and outside of Germany. Many photos, 380 pgs,HC like new with dust jacket $25

120 Silesian Inferno: War Crimes of the Red Army on its March into Silesia in 1945. K. F. Grau, (1992) The Landpost Press: Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. HC 210 pages, very good , dust jacket,$40

121 Polish Acts of Atrocity Against the German Minority in Poland, published by the German Library of Information, New York, 1940,compiled by Hans Schadewalt with second Addenda. For the serious collector, softcover nicked, book solid cond,. $98.

122 Victims of Yalta by Nikolai Tolstoy. The author, historian and biographer is the great-grand-son of the famous Russian novelist. He spent five years on research to interview survivors. Pegasus Books, New York 1977, HC 496 pages excellent cond,$20.

Various Subjects

 #123 The New German Reichschancellery in Berlin l938-1945, Cowdry$Cowdry Publishers 2003.oversized format: Hitler’s New Reichschancellery,designed and built by Albert Speer. Beautyful photography with text HC 125 pgs with fold-out map, like new $40

#66 Hitler Close-up, compiled by J von Lang, Hitler in words and pictues by Henrich Hoffmann,Hitler’s personal photographer and Henry Picker,his diarist. Macmillan, NY, l974, 223 pgs. Very good, $15

$124 FDR:  The Other Side of the Coin. by Hamilton Fish (1976) IHR, The author was a Congressman from l920 to 1945. He describes how Roosevelt tricked the US into WW2 and tricked Fish into supporting him. Softcover, 255 pages, like new, $45.

#67  Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem by Issa Nakkleh, Vol 1 and 2,

The author was a Palestinian Christian, born in Palestine. For 40 years he was representing Arab organizations for the Higher Committee for Palestine at the UN in New York City where he made more than fifty speeches on the Palestinian problem. Vol 2 book has 41 Chapters and l091 pages with 60 pages of photos. It covers ancient and modern Palestine, political and religious questions. The author was always asking for just and humane treatment of the Palestinian population.  The books cover all political aspects of his fight, including such sections as: The Mossad murdered German Scientists, The Talmud, UN resolution condemning Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, were hundreds of them have been passed by the UN to this day. It would be hard to find these hardcover books in pristine condition as their are today.  Vol 1 has almost 500 pages. Oversized edition 8.5 x 11, HC, 2 large vol. total  CA 1400 pages, published 1991 by Intercontinental Publishing, $110.

#4  The Pentagon Papers, NY Times edition, l971. 800 pages hardcover. A piece of history. Cover is a little worn but looks good, the pages all are in excellent condition.  $40

#5  Rush to Judgment by Mark Lane, printed in l992, this bestseller since l966 and now out of print, reveals what the press and the Warren Commission did not reveal about the Kennedy assassination. Mark Lane was a great attorney and a good friend of Willis Carto.  Paperback, oversized , 478  pages. Like new. $60.

#6 The Confessions of Kurt Gerstein by Henri Roques. An expose shattering the myth that Pope Pius XX’s12 was complaisant in the Holocaust. The “confessions” of Gerstein are subjected to thorough critical review, the author provides transcripts of the tortured testimony of Gerstein. The postwar “experts” had been manipulated and falsifying his testimony to make the Catholic Church complicit in the holocaust. Out of print. Oversize paperback, very good condition, 315 pages. $35.

87 The House of Special Purposes, by Charles Sydney Gibbes. First time publication of these documents and photographs by George Gibbes. He is the adopted son of the tutor to the Tsarevich  Charles  Gibbes who died in l963. He left all of these documents to his son. They were compiled in  l975 by J.C.Trewin who sent the book to Willis Carto at Liberty Lobby. Note from WAC is attached. With dozens of photos of the Royal Family in captivity.  148 pages, hardcover, published by Stein and Day, New York  l975 , good condition. $35.

#89 Final Judgment, The missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, by Michael Collins Piper.This well-known book needs no introduction. It includes a kind note to the Cartos for suggesting the title for the book. 760 pages, ppbk, updated 6th edition , like new $120.

#93  Spengler’s letters 1913 – 1936, Oswald  Spengler, selected for this English translation by his sister and her daughter it is drifting into “anti” Nationalism although Spengler was a strong German Nationalist. Very interesting reading , he hated even to write letters. Published by George Allen & Unwin in London in 1966, 320 pages hardcover with dust jacket, very good condition $70.

#96 Coin on Money , Trusts and Imperialism, by W H Harvey, author of Coins Financial Series,vol 6 #26, March l, 1900.   Published by Coin Publishing Co.,   Series started in 1899. paperback, loose front cover but book is solid otherwise. Very rare. 185 pages $65

#57 Who killed Hitler? By Moore and Barrett, Booktab Press, NY, Foreword by W F Heimlich, Former Chief Intelligence Officer for the U S Army in Berlin , July l947. His conclusion is that the end of Hitler’s life will remain a mystery until his remains are found. He does not believe in any statements made by German witnesses with Hitler in the Bunker. The controversy continues to this day. Claims that Hitler escaped the Bunker and lived his life out in South America are nonsense. In the l970s Willis Carto got the word of Commando Col. Otto Skorzeny that no underground organizations existed to bring German Officials out of Germany at the end of WWll. Hitler would never have fled his country. He planned his death that is certain and he died in the Bunker. Anything else would not have been in his character. 173 pgs, HC, very good, $65

@125 Great Treasure Stories of WW2, by Kenneth D. Alford. As the war came to its conclusion in 1945, occupying forces, including Americans, found treasures looted by German soldiers earlier. The Americans continued the looting. The book has the latest word on this fascinating subject. Savas Publishing  2000, HC 238 pages with photos. Like new with dust jacket $34.

#49 East and West by C. Northcote Parkinson , famous for his “LAW” which was a delight to read. He was just as amusing when on a speaker circuit in the l960. This book covers the more serious subject of conflicts between East and West. Published 1963, John Murray, London with dust jacket, very good, HC, 290 pgs. $25

#50 The Issues of the Populist and Progressive eras,  1892-1912, Documentary History of the United States, sounds dry but is an interesting read. Edited by Richard M. Abrams.1970 University of South Carolina edition, HC, lst edition,283 pgs very good $18

#55 The Life of Westbrook Pegler by Finis Farr, Pegler was a friend of Willis Carto, Willis wrote his first letter to “Peg” in l948. Pegler was very much an American Icon in his time, especially his acerbic remarks about Eleanor and Franklin made him enemies. The book is based on his writings. 1975 Arlington House, 235 pgs, HC,very good, with dust jacket in great shape. $60.

#56 The Next Civilization by Dr. Elmer Pendell, a friend of Willis Carto who later published other books for him. This book dissects the elements of harmony in Spengler , Toynbee and Sorokin and other experts in the study of civilizations. His recommendations are at times controversial, but Dr.Pendell always maintained his honest conclusions.l960 with dust jacket, good, HC 238 pgs $45

Race and Movements

#128 Asgard and the Gods, Tales and Traditions of our Northern Ancestor told for Boys and Girls, adapted from the work of Dr. W. Wägner by M W MacDowall, edited by W S W Anson with illustrations. J B Lippincott Co., Philadelphia 1880,HC Burgundy with heavy gold–in-laid cover , solid condition, collector’s quality. 326 pages $225.

#129 Aryan Origin of The Alphabet, L.A. Waddell, Christian Bookclub of America, (l968) softcover 80 pages $15.

#84  Great Adventures and Explorations, from earliest times to the present as told by the explorers themselves.  Edited by Vilhjalmur Stefansson, with map drawings. An interesting perspective of human history , very readable and written with a lot of imagination. Published in l952 by Dial Press, NY. Hardcover 788 pages with dust jacket, very good condition. $20

#83  Library of Universal History , embracing a general survey of the progress of Mankind in national and social life,  science and art  in 8 vol.. Arranged by Israel Smith Clare, published by R.S. Peale and J.A. Hill, New York  with maps and portraits , in l898. Very good conditions, over-sized books. Set of 8 volumes $130

#73  Heredity and Environment by Edwin G Conklin, 3rd revised edition by Princeton Univ Press, hardcover, partial loose cover, Revised l9l8  $10

#77 Aryan Household by Wm E Hearn, Ex library, Fullerton, some pages marked with pencil, cover loose but text very good, 493 pages, published l891 $10.

Political Personalities

#130 Pelley, W. D. The Door to Revelation:  An Autobiography. .  (1939). Pelley Publishers:  Ashville, North Carolina. HC 482 pages $600.

William Dudley Pelley (March 12, 1890 – June 30, 1965) was an American writer, spiritualist and fascist political activist. He came to prominence as a writer, winning two O. Henry Awards and penning screenplays for Hollywood films. His 1929 essay “Seven Minutes in Eternity” marked a turning point in Pelley’s career, earning a major response in The American Magazine where it was published as a popular example of what would later be called a near-death experience. His experiences with mysticism and occultism drifted towards the political, and in 1933 Pelley founded the Silver Legion of America, a fascist, para-military league. He ran for president of the U.S. in 1936 as the candidate for the Christian Party. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sedition in 1942, and released in 1950.
Pelley traveled nationwide, holding recruitment rallies, lectures, and public speeches. He founded Silver Legion chapters in almost every state in the country. Membership peaked at 15,000 in 1935, dropping to below 5,000 by 1938. His political ideology consisted of anti-Communism, antisemitism, racism, patriotism, isolationism and British Israelism, themes which were the primary focus of his numerous magazines and newspapers, which included Liberation, Pelley’s Silvershirt Weekly, The Galilean and The New Liberator. He became fairly well known as the 1930s went on.  Sinclair Lewis mentioned him by name in his 1935 novel It Can’t Happen Here about a fascist takeover in the U.S. Pelley is praised by the leader of the fictional movement as an important precursor.

The above text was copied from Wikipedia! The book includes a hand-written note from l975 by Colonel Curtis B. Dall,ex-son-in=law of FDR. He was the Chairman of Liberty Lobby for many years. It also included the original article from The American Magazine, referred to above, from March l929. The book would be hard to find , published in 1939 it is in very good condition, grey linen, it most likely never had a dust jacket. For the serious collector. $600.

#131 Masters of Ceremony: A photo documentary of the Nazi ceremonies in celebration of Reichs Party Day Grossdeutschland at Nurnberg in 1938, and Hitler’s 50th birthday celebration in Berlin in 1939. Cowdery,& Cowdery,(eds) (1998).USM Inc.: Rapid City, South Dakota. Softcover, oversized, like new,126 pages of photos and text $35

#132 Quisling: Prophet without Honour, Ralph Hewins attempts to unravel the lies and propaganda surrounding Quisling since he was executed for treason in Norway. (1966) John Day Company: New York, NY ,HC 384 pages,lst American edition,HC 384 pages $30.

#133 Goebbels,by Alan Wykes Ballantine Books Inc.: New York ,l973 First Printing, lots of photos , paperback, l60 pages, very good, clean, no markings $18

#134 Hitler: Legend, Myth, & Reality. Werner Maser (1973). Harper & Row Publishers: San Francisco, California. For a German author it is a daring undertaking to write a book with Hitler-friendly aspects. The book became a bestseller when published. Accordingly it is a critical account but of great interest. It contains Willis A Carto’s personal stamp and sticker. HC 433 pages, dust jacket, $25

#135 Hidden Agenda: How the Duke of Windsor Betrayed the Allies. Allen, M.  Reads like a spy novel, interesting and shedding some light on gossip (2000) M. Evans and Co New York, excellent condition, HC 312 pages, like new, dust jacket, $20

#136 With Hitler to the End, Memoirs of Adolf Hitler’s Valet, Heinz Linge. A simply written and straightforward book. Hitler’s personal attention to people near him,a charming and often gentle man. Linge was to spend years in Russian imprisonment after l945. Published by Skyhorse New York, 2009. Signature of Willis A Carto inside and a short note by him. HC 224 pages, very good, dust jacket, $45

#63 From The Kaiserhof To the Reich Chancellery, by Joseph Goebbels, published by Ostara 2012, PBK, 287 pgs, v.good $15 

#137 Adolf Hitler, als Maler und Zeichner: Ein Werkkatalog der Ölgemälde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, und Architekturskizzen. (1983).  Aldo Mondadori: Verona, Italy. The above book is written in German, here is a short explanation: Adolf Hitler as Painter and Sketcher. A working catalog of his Oilpaintings, watercolors, and architectural sketches. The book is the famous Texan’s Billy F Price production with his signature on the inside page. 8.5 x 11.5  Oversized HC 252 pages, with dust jacket, beautiful colors. Aldo Mondadori: Verona, Italy. Excellent condition, 1983, $250.

#90  Hermann Goering and the Third Reich, A biography based on the family and official records, by Charles Bewley, printed by the Devin-Adair Company, 1962. hardcover, very good condition with dust jacket, almost perfect. 515 pages $40.

#69  And Time Rolls On by  Savitri Devi . She became known as the high priestess of “esoteric Hitlerism”, with her Indo-European  view of history. She embraced Hinduism convinced that it was the only religion compatible with National Socialism. She was a very strong woman and dedicated believer in the messages that Hitler conveyed, integrated into old Aryan traditions. Hardcover 205 pages, published by Counter –Currents in 2012, pristine condition $25.

#65 The New German Reichschancellery in Berlin l938-1945, Cowdry$Cowdry Publishers 2003.oversized format: Hitler’s New Reichschancellery,designed and built by Albert Speer. Beautyful photography with text HC 125 pgs with fold-out map, like new $40

#66 Hitler Close-up, compiled by J von Lang, Hitler in words and pictures by Henrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s personal photographer and Henry Picker , his diarist. Macmillan, NY, l974, 223 pgs. Vg $15

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