Willis A Carto’s Personal Library Books for Sale     

Current booklist, updated: August 25 2022

  • 301 Other Losses by James Bacque 322 pgs like new ppbk $28
  • 302 The Aryan Race by Charles Morris 272 pgs like new ppbk $15.
  • 303 Auschwitz: The Final Count by Vivian Bird 109 pgs,ppbk $10.
  • 304 MacArthur by Lawwrence S Winter,used ,186 pgs. ppbk. $5.
  • 305 Theology of Hate, Church of the Creature by George Michaels hard cover 285 pages controversial but interesting,new $40.
  • 306 Strategy by B H Liddell Hart (Military)430 pgs,HC verygd $30.
  • 307 Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard,220 pgs. MHP Co. l996 with acknowledgement by Katya Lane to Willis Carto l997 $35.
  • 308 Crossroads Of Death,Malmedy WW2,by J Weingartner 273pg.HC,$12.
  • 309 My Revolutionary Life, Gen. Leon Degrelle,216 pgs.ppk $20.
  • 310 Race and Reason A Yankee View by Carleton Putnam l961,125pgs,HC dustjacket,v.g.condition endorsement card included from Harry F Byrd US Senator, author was Founder of Delta Airlines $198.
  • 311 The World in Flames by Francis Parker Yockey, new ppk $25.
  • 312 Jomini-The Art of War, West Point Publ.380 pgs HC dustj $30
  • 313 The Dynamics of War, by Lawrence Dennis,259pgs ppk very good $15
  • 314 Operation Nightmare-Korea Betrayal,by Frank Barham/Cunningham HC DJ 342pgs,vg Congress of Freedom S.F.1955 to: Willis Carto $80
  • 315 The Territorial Imperative,by Robert Ardrey, used 390pgs,ppk, $15.
  • 316 Jim Crows’Defense,Anti Negro Thoughts in America by L A Newby l900/1930 230pg hc djack liberal/acceptable for conservatives $30
  • 317 The Enemy of my Enemy,by George Michael,Islam and extreme right
  • 397 pages hc/dustjacket like new 2006 Kans.Univ.$25
  • 318 MY KIND MY COUNTRY,by ALDRICH BLAKE a Novel, race-relations 385pgs HC vg/cond djack.l953,inscribed by author “To Willis Carto,a fine new young Friend”.In the early 1950s Blake had been his mentor $45
  • 319 The Victim by Thomas Dixon,Novel-Jefferson Davis 1914 511pg hc $24
  • 320 Masters of Ceremony, photos by the Cowdrys of Nuremberg Party Day in 1938 and Hitler’s Birthday Rally in Berlin l939,oversize magazine ppk 126 pages of photos, like new $35

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